Sounds simple?
It is.

Sounds easy?
Not quite.

One Coin Left is a simple solitaire puzzle

Jump over nearby coins to remove them. You can also jump diagonally. Keep going until there is only one left and if you do that you get to keep all the coins. If you don't, you start again.

Challenge yourself

Each combination has a solution so there is no reason to skip any (if you do, you will lose coins). Even better if you succeed on the very first try!

Compete with your friends

Send them a link to play with you and if they accept it you can see if they are doing better. Or not.

Climb the global leaderboard

See (in real time) your ranking in the whole world. How high can you go?

(we have plans for more exciting challenges and competitions in the near future so stay tuned!)

Completely FREE to play

We may show you an ad now and then, but we try to keep them apart.